Sunday, July 02, 2006

Trial Run

Last week I finally received my Amy Butler patterns! It took nearly 3 weeks to arrive and it looked like the package had been through a paper shredder with a nice little notice from the post office explaining that they were working on improving the handling quality of international packages. How thoughtful! Luckily the patterns weren't harmed too badly and I could still figure everything out.

I quickly began working on my trial run messenger bag - once again using the painters drop sheet as my material. I found making a bag easier than I had expected - just like the shoulder bag I completed last week. I do like this pattern, although I will make some adjustments when I make my final bag. For one thing, there is way too much velcro - everytime I try to open something or adjust it there is always an annoying velcro sound. Also, the bag is really thin - it will be great for library trips and large portfolios, but it really only holds a couple of them. I will probably shorten the length and fatten it up a bit. If I had a laptop, it would be the perfect size.

Also, I couldn't help but knit a flower pin. I found a pattern and quickly adjusted it to my liking. I also used my felted bead as the centre - so cute.It sort of finished off my attempt at the shoulder bag...

That's all for now, I'll be starting a trial run of my other pattern, the Chelsea Handbag, next week sometime. I hope it's as easy as the messenger bag!

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