Monday, July 24, 2006


We're back from holiday in good old Ontario. We had a wonderful time, full of relaxation, family fun, and delicious food which I will post about later. Unfortunately our camera had the biscuit which I will not go into right now because I am still fuming about all the horrible luck we have been having with it. But, as a result, I cannot post any pictures for you of my ongoing life and millions of projects on the go. So, instead, you will have to live with a week of scanned doodles and such.

I meant to post IF this week - the word is opposites. But I really wanted to work with this new scratchboard and an image in my mind inspired from two sources. First, the lighting and environment from this
photograph I found at Gayla Trail's blog. She makes the most beautiful photographs of Southwestern Ontario which make me truly homesick. Also, we spent an evening in Toronto last week and while walking down Queen Street, I got a kick out of all the girls done up to go club-o.

I didn't think subject matter lended much to the IF theme - although the process was quite opposite to my usual workflow. When working with scratch board you start out with a black canvas and use a sharp knife to scratch out the light areas. It really forces one to pay attention to the positive and negative of an image. I also found this to be a fun exercise in composition and light.


flossy-p said...

This is cool, I love the way the buildings came out, and I really like the ladies' long shadows. I clicked to see it bigger, but alas. It's one of those works you want to look at more closely.

Sandra said...

Sorry Flossy.

The link is fixed now. You should be able to see the image bigger. :)

Thanks for the heads up! I'm so glad you stopped by to visit!

cruststation said...

Fantastic, like an old print block or etching it has so much character.