Wednesday, July 05, 2006

You Grow Girl!


I won the book from the craftsanity eco-project competition with my sweater therapy story. And now I will be getting the most excellent gardening book! And not only is it informative, creative and crafty - it's also written by a Canadian which makes the prize even sweeter. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival in my mailbox :)

Our patio garden is very pretty this year, but I have to admit we could do better. I'm not so hot at growing herbs so I'm looking forward to learning more about what types I should get for our patio and also how to save some extra cash when it comes to gardening.

We have geraniums (with enough sun I don't think it's possible to kill them...)

And some pretty daisies, lobelia, ageratum and bacopa. They all remind me of working in the greenhouse back in Ontario. Ah yes, southern ontario humidity and sweltering heat. And all that inside a greenhouse! Geez I miss that...not!

Oh, and in other exciting news, my good friend Wendy sent email today to announce that her sister's knitting pattern, Fetching, made it to the front page of the latest knitty magazine And of course, Wendy did all the photos and yes, they are spectacular. Cheryl created a beautiful pattern and I'm already thinking of what colour I'm going to knit them. Now there is a talented family!

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