Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Look Who's on the Move!

Look out world, here she comes!

(Oh dear, I just realized that I exposed my cluttered living room. Now you all know what kind of housekeeper I am. Please just watch the cute baby, try to ignore the mess!)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Show and Tell

It's been awhile since I posted anything crafty, so here are some of my latest projects.

A tea cozy that I made for my mom from this book.
The picture along side the pattern was so enticing that I just had to make it...but somehow it just didn't turn out quite as beautiful as I anticipated. In fact, it has also doubled as a silly toque in our house. Do you still want it, Mom?
I'm not sure if you remember this post, but finally, after all this time I got around to finishing the rocking chair. I'm on a bit of an embroidery streak these days.
On the go, I've got Simone's quilted pillow. I wanted to personalize it for her, along with some pretty flowers in pink, red and blue.
Hope you are all enjoying a lovely Monday morning. It's raining out here, but it hasn't affected my bright mood. Last night was the first time in 9 1/2 months that I didn't have to get out of my bed! Simone slept an entire 11 hours and only woke up once to kibitz for 15 minutes. After a few nights of painful sleep training, our little stinker is pulling the long shut eye. I'm so proud of her and I'm ecstatic to begin recovering from sleep deprivation. Hooray for sleep!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Didn't Make the Cut

Just thought I'd share a little ink drawing I did for mr. hubby's Creative Writing Guild.
Unfortunately, the group decided to go with an artwork by one of their fellow students rather than mine. Which is fine. Really. I mean, it's a beautiful painting they chose and I do love the colours. So I'm over it. Completely. In fact, click here so you can have a look see for yourself. I'll be over here waiting for your return. LOL
Sorry, Hubby Hubberson, I just had to give you a hard time ;) Tee hee.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is...

This is my latest discovery.

Simone sprouted her first 2 teeth!
I couldn't figure out why she was so incredibly cranky for the last few weeks until one morning last week I discovered a pearly white poking through. Yes, it all makes sense now. And thankfully I have my happy baby back. At least until the next evil whitey decides to rear it's ugly head.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I *heart* British Columbia

Here is a little piece of heaven that we experienced this past weekend. Our friends live and work on a small island off the shore of North Vancouver called Anvil Island. We had a wonderful time enjoying the scenery and soaking in the peace and quiet.
When I'm visiting local places like this, I can't imagine ever living anywhere else.
Simone also enjoyed the luxurious spring sunshine. I can't believe she just turned 9 months!

Monday, April 14, 2008

This is...

This perfect dinner party.I can't say my imaginary dinner party would be filled with deep, intelligent conversation. I have chosen people based on pure entertainment. Oh, and a couple awkward moments between Martha Stewart and Conan O'Brien, I absolutely love the chemistry between them. Also, I just realized that my dream job would have to be working on the Martha Stewart show, organizing all the cooking and craft demos. So, I need to be seated next to her so I can possibly schmooz myself a job. I've had a secret crush on Jack Black since he put out that movie, School of Rock. And Gordon Ramsay would be there just to criticize the food (which I would hire a catering company to do, by the way) and keep everyone humble. Ellen and Portia seem like a super hilarious couple and I'd really like to meet them. There you have perfect dinner party. I can't wait to meet everyone :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Illustration Friday ~ Save

My doodle for illustration friday.
I ran out of watercolour paper and the next best thing was a grocery bag. It got me thinking of groceries which, for some reason, led me to think about milk...or perhaps spilled milk. And what is the point of trying to save it? "No sense crying over spilled milk" is how the saying goes. So there you have it. Now you know my strange mental process to get to this illustration.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Enjoying the moment

These last few weeks have been wonderful and exhausting all at once...but maybe a bit more on the exhausting side of things. Our button, Simone, is not a very good sleeper. She is nearly 9 months old and has never slept through the night and she doesn't really nap much longer than 30 minutes these days.
I think many other Mom's have experienced a baby like this, and I can't help but think they all handle it miles better than I can. But I desperately miss sleep. I miss closing my eyes and waking up on my own, well rested and cheerful. Instead, I am jolted awake more than a few times each night to the sound of my baby crying for me and I find myself jumping out of bed before I even know where I am.
Now, I am not one of those people who can manage on 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night. I've always needed a minimum of 8 hours of solid sleep a night in order to function properly. So you can imagine what I must be like after 8 1/2 months of this sort of broken sleep. I am often cranky, depressed and always obsessing over any sort of sleep issue. I haven't had the energy to do my hair or put on make up (even though the dark circles under my eyes are begging for it!) and never mind my wardrobe...I still haven't shed those last 10 pounds! My poor hubby. To say we are both looking forward to the first night that Simone sleeps 10 hours straight, is definitely the understatement of the year.
Well, now that I've given you the long winded pity party of my current situation, I should tell you that I am making every effort to cherish these days. Before I know it, Simone is going to be running around, blabbing away and I'm going to wonder what happened to those sweet infant days.
I must make the effort to stop, take a moment and consciously appreciate the time I have with her. The way her little fingers reach out and scratch, pinch or poke new objects and her knuckles get so round and dimpled.
...The way she smiles just for me
...The way she absorbs the world around her. What is she thinking anyway?
When I think of those little things, I can get through each day.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

This is...

This is my jewelry box. Simple, functional and completely sentimental.
Harry's Uncle Bob from Grand Forks made this for us a couple years back. He and his wife Helen (whom Simone Helen is named after), are the most wonderful, generous folks I have met. Uncle Bob has a quaint little workshop in the backyard where he spends most of his time trying to come up with little projects to make out of scraps and leftover wood he finds around town. I guess you could say he is a "green" woodworker. I am honoured to have this jewelry box, it means a great deal to both Harry and I that we have something made by Bob. Even though I don't have a great deal of jewelry, this box will always have a special place in our home.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Pay it Forward for my 100th post!

Hello all! I just realized that I have officially posted 100 times on this blog. Woot!

I am so grateful for this blog. It is my own space in this world where I can express myself however I choose. The blogging world has proven to be an incredible source of inspiration and encouragement and so far I have made many wonderful cyber friends. Thanks to all of you out there who have read my posts (even the lame ones!) and left so many lovely comments for me.

So, on this celebratory note, I am so excited to announce that I am participating in pay it forward! I found out about it on Flossy-p's blog and hopped on the bandwagon as soon as I read her post. Now I can participate, so here is how it goes:

The first three people to comment on this post will receive a gift from me, sometime within the next 365 days. Who knows when it will turn up, or what it will be, but rest assured, it will arrive. All you have to do is promise to make the same declaration on your blog, and send out gifts to three of your lovely readers.

I'll also choose a random blogger to send a gift to, so leave a comment, even if you're not in the first three! Make sure I can contact you in some way, either via blog or email.

In the next 365 days I'll be getting a parcel from Flossy-p, and in turn, I must send out a handmade gift to 3 more people. And on it hurry up and leave a comment already! I can't wait to send out some handmade goodness.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Illustration Friday ~ Homage

An homage to the hollow tree
The hollow tree is a massive red cedar located in Stanley Park, Vancouver and just this last week it was announced that the tree has had the biscuit and it will have to come down in May. This giant tree has been a part of the Vancouver park for 1,000 years; however, due to the severe storms that hit our area in 2006 and the ripe old age of this beauty, the tree poses a safety threat and now we must say farewell.