Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy Day!

The best summer weekend...

I had the most spectacular day yesterday and I really must tell you it was as wonderful as a bowl of fresh raspberries - which was also part of my weekend :) First, my Saturday began with a trip to Vancouver to get some art supplies along with a tasty breakfast at Sophie's Cosmic Cafe. Delicious!

More fun stuff to add to my messy work table...

Then I headed to the spa for some serious pampering, all credit to Mr. Hubby for the perfect Anniversary gift. But he always knows exactly what to get me - I am so lucky! This trip included a magnificent facial and some twinkle toes to boot. Needless to say, I was glowing when I came home.

The evening was spent lounging in PJs, watching Coupling with my better half and embroidering some pretty peonies. For us homebodies, the evening couldn't get any better.

Today is all about the World Cup finals and the HBO series, Deadwood, later on this evening with some friends. I have the whole day to work on my Illustration and start getting ready for our trip to Ontario this Friday. I may get some chores done in between, but of course that is not the priority!

Why can't all weekends be this perfect?


cruststation said...

Looks fantastic, I hope that one day I could experience a dreamy weekend like yours and what a wonderful husband you have.

Hubberson III said...

Yes...wonderful husband, I like the ring to that. Sounds...well, almost true...Ha ha.