Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sweedish Berries - and other imitation flavours

Before I get into crafty craftiness I want to take a moment and share with everyone my top 5 favourite candies :). Yes, I know I am at that age where the metabolism is rebelling and refuses to move faster than a turtle, but every once in awhile I have to break down and enjoy a little peice of heavenly imitation flavour and sugar. So, here we go:

5.) Skittles - a rainbow of empty calories and I love every flavour!
4.) Red Licorice - preferably "Nibs" but really, any brand will do...oh, except for that shoe string crap that tastes all plasticy. Bleh!
3.) Big Feet - whenever we go to Costco I have to fight the urge to buy an entire box of these delicous treats. I could probably devour the whole thing in a couple days - although that would be really gross and I'm sure I'd get really ill.
2.) JuJubes - of course the red and orange are the best. Usually the black ones end up at the end of the bag, along with a few lingering yellows. That's just cuz they're icky.
1.) Oh tasty tasty Sweedish Berries - How could I resist perfection!? I'm tempted to make a necklace out of them. What a great idea, huh?

Getting through this list I do realize that I have a weakness for red food colouring. There is something so irresistable about them - Wouldn't you agree? (I think I need to stop talking about candy now...)

...And onto other acheivements - ahem! I got really excited about a handbag tutorial I found on whip up and promptly ravaged my meagre stash of fabrics to find something I could use to make this. My stitching artist was so determined to get this project started I just couldn't stop her, no matter how unappealing the fabric choices were. The final selection was left over cream/white canvas (it was actually painters drop sheet material) for the outside and some left over Amy Butler Ginger fabric that I've been using on everything lately (total overkill!). So, off I went and made this cute little bag and you know what? It was really easy! I was so surprised - thinking I'd be in tears within an hour. But wow, I actually made something that works.

The only problem is that I really do not like the fabric I put together. But to make myself feel better, I keep saying I didn't spend any extra $$ for the project. And I should consider this a trial run so I can go out and get the fabric I really like and make it again even better!

Check it out! (You will notice that the bag does need a button to keep it closed...that is in progress. I'm not too sure where to find the perfect vintage button yet. But it must be BIG and it must be different. Perhaps a trip to value village will present the opportunity sometime soon...)

One last comment - have you heard of Illustration Friday? I just discovered it last week through one of my many delightful podcasts and I think this is the ticket to get me drawing again. So, stay tuned because by the end of the week I may actually post a drawing! Gasp! I know - what a shock. An artist who...draws!? I certainly can't promise you that it will be any kind of masterpiece, but it just might be mediocre. Watch out!


melissa said...

I think your bag looks great- I love that lining fabric. I'm so pleased you found the pattern easy to use.

Laura Saito said...

Since I am obsessed with sewing lately, I am excited about this handbag you made! It looks fabulous, but the way.
I love trying new things, EASY things:)
I hope to find time to try it out.
Lucy!aka Lo, Lois, Lois Lane, Laner, Lo'er, Lolo, Loda, and finally, "mama";)