Monday, June 12, 2006

Bring on the Beads!

So, what is on my mind of late? It is all about the beads, baby! I have so many new interests since January, but I have to say I have found beadmaking to be the most fascinating. It's like a cool science experiment watching the glass transform in the flame and I'm mesmorized by the lava-like movement. Many would say it is tedious and boring - but I suppose I'm all about waiting and patiently watching creation unfold. After all why would I get into animation if I didn't like repetition? Or knitting for that matter. Stitch after stitch and eventually it changes from a string of yarn into something useful. After 3 hours of practicing on Saturday, these are the best 2 beads of the day.

And what should I do with all these beads? Well, that is just another creative adventure for me to dive into. I'm becoming more and more drawn to textiles and I really don't have a lot, but I'm really enjoying the process of finding new ways to incorporate beads. For example, here is a little bus pass holder I designed for myself. It is pretty handy and very simple and my first attempt so don't look too hard at the stitching - I do have plans to improve that with embroidery.

Last but not least, yet another set of baby shoes. There are so many babies being born these days, I don't think there is any end to this knitting. All I have to say is - Don't drink the water people!

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