Monday, March 31, 2008

This is...

This is...the contents of my handbag.
Well, first off, I have 2 handbags. One that is the essential diaper bag which is necessary for all outings:
And another equally durable, yet original Dominique Picquier handbag that is from my prior life. And sadly, it has not travelled much further than our couch in quite some time due to the fact that it cannot hold all the baby contents. And honestly, even if I could squeeze them all in, there is no way I could bring myself to convert this piece of beauty to a container for diapers, snacks and chewy toys. It was my only big purchase while we were in Paris last year. The apartment we stayed in was just around the corner from this designer's shop and every time we walked by I had to stop and drool over all the gorgeous textiles.

Each one of the Dominique Picquier fabrics is woven, dyed and printed in France according to the tradition of Lyon. I honestly wanted to buy everything in that shop...of course it took me about an hour just to pick out the 2 pieces I brought home. Ah, how I love reminiscing over the shopping excursions in Paris...but the gurgling baby always brings me back to the present. Now, off I go to wipe up the messy mouth and pick up more cheerios off the floor :)


Theresa said...

So true!
I didn't know the su-weet story behind that handbag though.
I feel like such a hick.
Let me sit around your ankles as you regale us with your European share more!!

babelfish said...

This is so wonderful, tells you so much about life prior to having baby and after doesn't it? interesting stuff, thanks for sharing.