Wednesday, March 05, 2008

sharing spaces

I wanted to participate in the last "This is" meme, I really did! Each week I look forward to this post because it is a mini project that in most cases, I can actually complete within the deadline. Last Sunday's topic was "This is my inspiration board". I quickly browsed through a bunch of the participants and was thoroughly impressed by what everyone posted. If this were the topic a year ago, I would have eagerly participated, but the sad fact is that I no longer have an inspiration board. I no longer have a workspace! We live in a 2 bedroom townhouse and before our little bundle of joy arrived, I had my own luxurious room to spread my inspiration all over. I suppose this room was the first big sacrifice I made for my Simone. And don't get me wrong, I am not upset or angry about it. In fact, I was so excited to convert that room to a nursery, I had chosen the colours by the time I was only a few months pregnant! But I have to admit, I do miss having my own space. Currently Hubby and I share the kitchen table. Ok, maybe we don't share so much as I own the table and give him a small end section for his laptop, some books and if he's good, a cup of tea. The rest is mine, and let me tell you, it is NOT enough space. I need a room, people!
So, instead of an inspiration board, I am posting a photo of my sad workspace. As you can see I am not the most organized artist around. I like to keep everything out and visible so I can grab it easily and carry on with whatever I am doing. Problem is, I have so much crap everywhere that I can't see anything at all. I know, it is a pathetic system. One day I will get my act together - I swear! And hopefully I will soon have the time and energy to make more art when my little rascal starts sleeping better and gives her Mommy a break!


flossy-p said...

I reckon hubby's stuff might be able to balance over on that window sill... then you'd have another foot of table ;)

Harry Tournemille said...

Hey! Don't give her ideas for God's sake. I'll be sitting outside, underneath the Japanese Maple with my laptop on my knee and a sheet of plastic over my head.

Oh wait, that might be an even worse idea.

little red said...

No inspiration board for me either (maybe someday). I enjoyed reading your honest post on why you don't - and your husband's funny response about his work space.

Maureen said...

This is why Virginia Woolf wrote
A Room of One's Own". Such a need most of us have, and few get actualized. I got my room at almost 62...I LOVE it.