Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Shop is Open for Business

I am pleased to announce that I have finally got an Etsy store up and running! Complete with 3 items posted for sale. I like to start small and work my up to success :) So, I hope you all scootch on over there and have a look at Mighty Sally Designs!

Here is a little preview. You will probably remember this series of Toy Portraits I did for Simone awhile back. Well, I've decided to make a bunch more and try to sell them.
I hope you like them and please stop by to visit the shop. I'll be adding new items to the store as soon as I can!


flossy-p said...

They are wonderful. Good luck!

Ken Dyck said...

Great stuff! Best of luck with the Etsy shop.

Edgar & Elly said...

Congratulations. I have felt for a long time that you should do this. Good luck. I know you will be wildly successful.

babelfish said...

Congratulations on the opening of your shop! yay! You're amazing to manage to look after your family, work and have your own business! Good luck with your venture.

Theresa said...

Well, your shop link is pimped on my blog!
Hope it helps!

therealtony said...

Holy Smokes Sally!

Those are awesome, it is great to see that you are making art!!!

Also, on the plus side, the more time you spend creating means the less time you spend burgluring dairy products!


Harry Tournemille said...

Nice going, Wifey. Here come the wealthy benefactors.