Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Giggle and Snort

No one can make her laugh like Papa :)


Ken Dyck said...

Do I even want to know what Harry's doing off camera? Please tell me that he's wearing pants. ;)

Harry Tournemille said...

Pants? Never heard of them.

auntie been said...

So cute guys. Jaden was watching it with me and started to laugh as well. I miss her. It's a good thing Simone and I have sure an unbreakable bond!! Bff. lol.Thanks for posting these so we can be apart of her life in some way. She truely is adorable.

Johanna said...
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Johanna said...

hey Simone, what a cutie.....Dad sure seems to tickle your funny bone.....
everyone should have a blue hoody with funny strings!! Love you.... Oma

Theresa said...

Uh, I am offended by that post by the imposter 'Auntie Been'.
Unbreakable bond?!

What the heck was Harry doing off- camera?
Was he doing that crazy jump/walk thing he does?!

So cute- she was even doing the shy-face to the side of her chair.
Keep posting videos!!!

flossy-p said...

teehehehehe - that cracked me up.... How gorgeous!

What on earth was going on just out of shot? Must have been good.