Monday, April 24, 2006

The Sun Run has Sprung!

We did it! Another year of the Sun Run under our belts and both Harry and I have done a personal best for our annual spring 10K run. We were happy to have Harry's sister and nephew along for the ride too - we had a blast! Here are the official results of the clan:

Harry 58:27 5:51:08/km 9:25:00/mi
Sandra 1:00:26 6:02:57/km 9:44:00/mi
Joshua 2:02:10 12:13:22/km 19:40:00/mi
Theresa 2:02:12 12:13:22/km 19:40:00/mi

My personal goal was to be under an hour, but I'm not all that disappointed considering there was a record of 50,746 people we had to share the road with. It was insane! I've never seen so many people! I usually bring a camera so I can keep a record of the year's run, but decided not to this year because we didn't want to do a baggage check. I'm totally knackered today - my hamstrings are shot and my lower back is a bit tight. But it's all gravy baby! I'm so happy we did it - Now bring on the summer!

I also had a great Easter holiday in Grand Forks with the folks - despite my lingering toothache (I was recovering from a root canal all week! Ug!) And I nearly managed to get my entire sweater complete. I'm still finishing up the last sleeve, but I took a break to block the rest of the sweather peices (see pic below - you know you want to!). Stitching it together has proven to be challenging, and I'm trying not to be too hard on myself about my finishing skills. Boy am I getting worried about putting in that zipper - defenitely need to do some research on that one - wish me luck!

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sapphyre said...

Way to go on your Sun Run times! I did a PB this year... next year, my goal is to break the 60:00 mark :-)

You spend time in Grand Forks? My mum has a summer/retirement house in Grand Forks and I go every summer! I'm always surprised to find people who even know where Grand Forks IS!