Sunday, April 30, 2006

Razoir's B-day and my lonely socks...

We had a little family b-day get together to celebrate Theresa's happy day and here are the cupcakes I made for her. So sparkly pink and totally delicious :)

The weather was so nice, we had to head out to the beach. Here's the clan at their best. Harry becomes such a kid when he hangs out with our nephew Josh - it is completely out of control and hilarious! My sister-in-law is the blonde hotty in the centre photo.

I also started knitting some socks this weekend - but I was so wary to begin another sock pattern. In the past I haven't had much success with projects that require me knitting two of a kind- as you can see from the photos below. It's great to see a project come together, and then I lose interest in starting the other half. I suppose I lack the committment there - but I am determined to complete my 2 socks this time. In the meantime, I'll share the portraits of these lonely halves so they don't feel completely forgotten in my knitting basket.

I also have this problem with mittens too.

I'm off to try dying some wool with kool-aid now. MMMMM...kool-aid.


Hairy Beast said...

What everyone may fail to realize is that Sandra actually knitted the cupcakes in the first photo... even the icing. She never told us, of course, little tart that she is, and boy did those things go down rough. Don't ask about the days following...

Can you say, calligraphy?

Raz said...

Great. The only dang shot of me on the page is when I'm stuck between two NERDS.
Well that's just fantastic.
Where is the love, I tell you????