Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fibre Fibre Everywhere!

Oh yes. Bring on the Fibre! Fibre Fest International has arrived!

Last weekend I made the treck all the way to Abbotsford all in the name of wool. And my most wonderful husband was actually happy to join me in the event - even though I know it was nausiating for him to see so many cheezy knitters and spinners all in one location. I think he just felt bad that I would be going alone because I don't know anyone interested enough in fibre to join me in this journey. He's so sweet...awww.

But you should have seen all the fibre - I was in heaven (or my own personal Belize, as Kay will understand). There was every kind of wool you could imagine - roving and spun, dyed and natural. It was also really cool to see all the people spinning with wheels. I have to say, it did inspire me (what is wrong with me!!). I didn't buy much while I was there (I purchased 2 packages of fleeced wool to spin and 1 magazine about spinning). But I did gain a lot of education. I even met someone who gives spinning lessons! Watch out - the spinning nerd is about to emerge! I also saw lots of sheep, lamas and goats and, omigosh, the cutest angora bunnies EVER. I soooo want one...and I will love him and pet him and name him George :)

So, here I am with all my fun toys, trying to figure out the craft of spinning. The co-ordination is tough to get the hang of so I have to practice a lot! Check out the pics. I have a drop spindle which is the simplest way to learn to spin wool. You basically attach the wool to the top and pull it apart as you spin it. That is a simple explanation, but I won't go into it as it will bore those who are not interested (although I'm pretty sure I lost most of you in the first paragraph - I'm such a geek!) I love the new pink stuff. It is 70% merino and 30% angora. Super soft. The white stuff is my very first attempt at spinning - it's pretty lopsided and stringy.

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