Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Welcome to my Bloggy

Hello friends, family and fellow wanderers - welcome to my official blog!

So, after nearly 5 years of working for the corporate monster, I've decided to take control of my artistic destiny and follow Julia Cameron's 12 week course to creative recovery. Her book, The Artists Way, has helped many people become "unstuck" in their creativity - writers, artists, musicians and especially the "shadow artists". Lately I've become fed up with the lack of creativity in my daily routine, even though my career path is labeled "computer artist"; sadly, I do little more than make computer graphic widgets and regergitate reality with very little room for the imagination. Don't get me wrong - I'm grateful for my job, especially during uncertain times. It's just that I am trying to take a different perspective with my job and not rely on it as my only creative outlet. It seems my artistic side has been sleepwalking since I graduated from art school, and around Christmas 2005 I suddenly woke up ornery and somewhat depressed - asking myself "Where is my portfolio?". And that's when I picked up the book. It's time to take responsibility for my artistic direction - no more lolligagging! is what Harry would say!

And, here it is - my blog! I hope for it to be a positive response to all that I am learning through the 12 week course and beyond! Also, I'm looking forward to see how you all respond to my 'stuff'. It should be great fun!


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