Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fluffy Pretty Scarves

Here are a couple more knitting projects that I'm really enjoying.

I found this beautiful soft white alpaca wool - it is super fine and I really wanted to try some sort of lace pattern. Right now it is sort of looking like grandma's afgan (blah!), but after it's blocked, should look a bit more modern (or so I'm hoping!)

I love love love this fluffy pink, purple and orange yarn. I'm totally going to go back to the store and get more to make a sweater. Maybe not in such a vibrant colour...or maybe more vibrant :) . The photo is kind of sucky since I only have a cheapy point and shoot digital camera. But I did want to post it anyways. I've actually pulled this scarf apart cuz I changed my mind on the stitch pattern. I'll repost it when I'm done.

Have a great sunny weekend!

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