Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Confessions of a Cheezy Knitter

For those of you who know me well, it will be of no surprise that I am secretly obsessed with the fibre craft of knitting. I could spend hours in a yarn store or just browsing the net for free patterns, and forget about chapters, I'll be there for days looking through all the magazines and books. If I could, I'd stay home all day long and knitty knit knit the hours away...yes, I am a very cheezy knitter. Here are a couple pics of some projects I recently finished. And if there are other fellow closet knitters, I'd love to hear from you!!

Awww...look at the cutie booties... Ok, next!

Here is a baby sweater I knit up with a cute little embroidered flower on the back. I'm still waiting for someone to have a baby girl so I can give it away!

And here is proof that I am beyond the point of no return from the cheesiness of knitting (or so my hubby claims). Here is a case that I made myself that stores all my knitting needles and other accessories to go along with it. It could also be used as a chopstick holder ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Way to go S!. Good to see you develop creatively..keep up the good works. Some day, in some way all those cute little outfits will find a happy little owner.
Blog site is a great way to show others, and maybe someone will even have an idea for the outfit!
Keep knitting, sharing, and we'll just enjoy .....Mom T.