Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm a Happy Blogger

I just discovered the latest beta blogger and *yay*, I can now change up my template simply by clicking some nice GUI windows and adding stuff. Finally, the solution to those of us who lack the computer language brain cells. I am totally pathetic when it comes to any HTML. I think my brain just goes to mush when I look at the text and I'm sure that my eyes completely glaze over. I've gone to my happy place and hopefully I don't start to drool.

Anyways, the other day I came across this helpful article about starting a craft blog and found it mighty useful. One of the author's suggestions was to have a profile and post an "about" page. So, with the happy new blog options, I've finally added one! There is a link in the right margin, but you can also click here to learn more about me :)


J.Free said...

hi there,
just randomly came across your blog. love your illustrations! keep up the good work!

Kay said...

Hey there Mighty Sally!

Just read your profile and latest post. I love visiting your blog regularly and seeing what's new. Now if only I could post more frequently on mine, lol!

~Kay, the Incurable Creative.

cruststation said...

Hey Mighty Sally, thanks for sharing your profile you are so pretty! I love broccoli too :P

heather said...

thanks for linking to my site above! sorry it took so long to respond. I was taking a much-needed blogging break.

i definitely need to update my old about page soon!

your site looks lovely :)