Monday, May 29, 2006

Birthday Treats with the Art School Beauties

Yes, it has been awhile since my last post...unfortunately (or fortunately for the gamer in our household - ahem!) our main computer has had the biscuit. We are waiting for the arrival of a brand spanking new PC with all the works, so that I can continue to blog and mr. hubby can spend the next month making up for all the last gaming time he lost over the last week. Until then, I am trying to edit photos and update this post on a little laptop with the worst monitor known to mankind. Apologies for any strange colours - I'm not responsible!

Anyways, onto more entertaining updates... I had such a wonderful time yesterday! Five years after our graduation from the animation department at ECIAD, I finally got my act together and actually met up with my old pals. Not only were we celebrating the beautiful wendy's birthday, but we were also playing a lot of catch up! And sweet moses, were these girls busy! Let's see...Amanda just moved back from Halifax after working in the stop motion animation industry and discovering she has some entrepreneur blood in her, Helen has been to New York and got herself a long distance relationship and a whole new perspective on city life, Sascha is back from a temporary residence in London where she worked in British animation and had herself a sweet baby girl, and Wendy, being her true cultured self has been all over the place doing very well for herself as the talented and highly sought after photographer..hmm...have I forgotten anyone? Oh, yes - and myself...perhaps living a not so adventurous life but truly loving to hear every detail of everyone else's travels. Visiting with them has really got me excited about the trip to Europe we are planning for the fall. I can't wait to have some new adventures of my own!

And since it was Wendy's Birthday, of course I went knitting crazy and whipped up a Branching Out Scarf that I had been planning to knit for sometime now. What a perfect excuse to get some more lace knitting under my belt. For a long time I have been hating knitting with those complicated patterns, but this was an excellent project to start on. It was easier, although, don't get me wrong, I still could not carry on conversation or watch any tv as that would defenitely distract me.

Check it out!

And here is the birthday girl herself - sporting the scarf in all her glory :)

And here we are - all together for a photo. I have to chuckle when I see this because it was so funny watching Helen and Sascha run back and forth to set up their self timing cameras. Sigh, it was a defenite "had to be there moment"...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting From left, counter clockwise: Helen, Amanda, Me!, Wendy and Sasha.

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