Saturday, February 10, 2007

Embroidery Swap

Back in October, I signed up for Faun's embroidery swap - my first ever swap within the blogging community. And how exciting it was to see this surprise in the mail!

I got this hilarious embroidery from Fizzelstix (sorry about the poor quality picture - click on her name to link to better photos on her blog). The embroidery is entitled "spank the chicken" where a beaver appears to be about to swat the chicken with a whisk. I love her quirky sense of humour and she is a super talented illustrator. I've been eyeing her blog for quite some time now. You can also see a better photo of my embroidery at this link since she has obviously swapped with me.

And as an added bonus, Faun threw in a print of her illustration! I am so happy to have a piece of her art. I love her style and the print is such excellent quality. I must learn her printing secrets.

Both these items are perfect decor for the baby's room. I'm anxious to frame the print and hang it up. And I think I will make a special little pillow (perhaps to hang on the door knob?) with the embroidery. Love them both - thank you thank you to both these talented artists! I'll be sure to update you all on the items when they are in their proper spaces.


Harry Tournemille said...

I concur with dear Wifey. The prints and embroidery are both superb and will look rather dandy in bambino's room.

cruststation said...

Wow, I am in love with that 'spank the chicken' embroidery, how funny and cute is that? Love the amazing details and colours! The illustration is adorable too, great swaps -yours is so *sweet!

the fam. said...

Both items are fabulous! Your baby room will be great.
with all that art sharing out there does it inspire you to send one of your works this way??
Mike and I would love a piece of your work for our home.

the fam. said...

'the fam' is kirsty and mike!!
I forgot to sign my name!!

Beth said...

I love Tricia- her squirrels are so cute and happy. Happy stitches. Lucky you! :)