Thursday, January 25, 2007

5 Things

I've been tagged by Flossy-p with a fun little game called "5 things" which means I must now share 5 things about myself that I haven't left on my blog. Well, what a great way to get my butt in gear and post something already. Thanks Flossy! It is no secret that I have been in a funk for quite awhile now and I just haven't wanted to post anything since I figured I'd be moaning and complaining the entire time and who the heck wants to read about that! Well, here is a nice format for me get back into the groove, it is also a fun way for me to make my BIG announcement, so please, read on!

1.) Ok, don't know how else to tell you, so here we go : I'm Pregnant! That's right folks, knocked up and getting ready to pop out a baby in mid July. I suppose that is the main reason for the uncreative rut I've been in lately. Between the fatigue and constant nausea, it was difficult to do more than eat, sleep, and pray that I wouldn't lose my lunch on the sky train. Even work was becoming unbearable! Also, if I have had any energy, I've been consumed with pregnancy books, references, and anything related to baby this and baby, never thought I'd get to this point in my life! But here I am, and holy cow, are we ever excited! (I'll be blogging more on this soon!)

2.) I grew up playing the violin and if my audition had been good enough to be accepted to Western, I would have majored in music. Currently my violin is in the closet, strings loosened, gathering dust. But I do miss playing and hope to one day revive it and join a string quartet. There is something truly magical about playing an instrument in a larger group!

3.) I secretly wish I could be a boxer. I'm not really one to spend the afternoon watching boxing matches on tv, but ever since I read Bryce Courtney's The Power of One about 5 years ago I have been quite interested in the life of a boxer. When The Contender reality show aired in 2004 (you know, the one with Stallone and Sugar Ray), I wouldn't miss a week - I was so caught up in the individual fighter's lives; the glory of the wins and the tragedy of the losses. And let's not forget about Million Dollar Baby, Clint Eastwood's finest achievement. After seeing that movie, I searched all over our neighbourhood to see if there were any boxing gyms where I could train...of course I totally chickened out and decided I'd live vicariously through Hillary Swank.

4.) I work as an artist in video games, but I have to admit that I absolutely can't stand video games...Yes, I know... What am I doing in this industry? I absolutely despise talking tech shoppe away from the office and I have a hard time explaining exactly what I do when someone asks. I suppose it's one of those careers where you wake up one day and ask yourself, how did I get here anyways? Especially when I had studied traditional animation and fine arts for 4 years. I'm not complaining, it is a great job and I love the people here. But I dream of a day where I can work from a small studio and create my own art and actually make a living from it.

5.) The last one..On the subject of jobs: The worst and toughest job I've ever had was working in a greenhouse during the hot humid Ontario summers to make money for school. Everyday for 4 months my best friend and I would leave our comfortable air conditioned homes to face the 100 degree Fahrenheit oven called a greenhouse. We'd cart around bedding plants and load them onto racks for shipping all over Ontario, Michigan and Ohio. The worst part of the job was that we'd arrive each morning with no clue when we'd leave. Early summer was so busy that we could end up working until 10pm or even midnight 7 days a week. And all this fun, for minimum wage and no over time pay. Good times! We were zombies and completely unaware of what day of the week it was. I did this for 3 summers and was so so happy to land my next job at a paint-your-own ceramics studio. It was less hours and crap pay, but I have never taken air conditioning for granted ever since. It sounds cliche, but I think every person needs a job like this to truly appreciate all the future careers/jobs they will have. I know I do!

Well, that's it folks. Now it's time for me to tag some others:

Babelfish from CrustStation (however, I think you've done this already...)
Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits
Hubby hubberson

..I'm not sure if anyone reads my blog anymore, but if you read this post, consider yourselves tagged as well. Have fun!


flossy-p said...

You're PREGNANT!!! Congratulations! Weeeeeeeeeeeee

Wow that beats all the 5 Thing memes I've read so far! You'll be able to teach your baby how to play violin :)

Love Squalor said...

pregnant! july! *cheers and hugs and big congratulations* isn't it great? i mean between the tiny breaks in the nausea and the ten minutes a day you actually forget about sleep, isn't there just something wonderful about growing a little one? and you're almost through the roughest patch - it only gets better! oh i just get so excited about babies - can't wait to hear more! you are in for the time of your life!

me too! the violin that is. and playing in a group - like a chamber orch - is incredible. being part of such a big sound is such an emotional rush. ahhh.

Harry Tournemille said...

Huh? You're pregnant? First I've heard of it... do I know the father?

cruststation said...

Oh Sally, you're back! how I've missed you :) Congrats on your pregnancy, that's truly great news to come back to. I tried the violin when I was in school and made a lot of screeching noise out of it, that's about as far as I got :P You are into boxing? really?! Wow!! Looking forward to hearing more stories here if you're up to it. PS. You can definitely set up your own freelance illustration company, I have faith in you!

I've done the weirdness tag, I think that's enough about me anyone has to know...

Kempton said...

Great to see you back. Sorry for the list format (too much of the former-computer-geek in my blood). Promise to write "normally", listless and shorter next time. (smile)

1) Congratulations. Thanks for sharing the great baby news with us. A few friends of mine are also pregnant/knocked up/with child. I am really happy for you and your hubby. (Just for the fun of it, I thought of David Foot, the Canadian economist and demographer and Carol Shields' Larry's Party for some random and not-too-random reason. (smile))

2 & 3) I can totally imagine you play violin but never your wish to be a boxer. With that in mind, I can totally see you like Clint's Baby. (smile) Clint is definitely getting better and better as he aged. Very very cool.

4) I definitely understand what you are thinking. Moving away from something stable and familiar is very difficult and not without its risks (and hopefully rewards), this is a tough decision. I made my tough decision over 3 years ago and I am still working to shape my new destiny. (smile) In my case, I saw it as a long term plan and an opportunity to rebuild my new career from the ground up. There were moments that I questioned myself and wondered "so I did that?" and there were moments of "Wow, I did that."

5) I had my share of hot and humid to really appreciate the cold Calgary. (smile)

Frizz said...

Rent Girlfight - you'll love it. I took boxing lessons along with kickboxing. I'm with you on that one!
Congrats on the bebe, hope you feel better soon
I think I've missed the bus - everyone in blogland is preggers.

julie said...

Wow-weee!! Oh, many, many congratulations!! Not surprised that you've not been posting so much recently - that morning sickness (if only it was just mornings!) and constant draining fatigue is hard to bear - hopefully you've reached the glowing phase now! It is such an adventure - have lots of fun along the way. Thanks for tagging me - can't match your creative and musical background but will try and give it a go shortly. Keep well and get lots of rest x