Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Welcome November

Well, it finally hit me that winter has arrived. We just got back from a weekend at the in laws in Grand Forks and we were struck with a dump of snow there and back. The lower mainland is experiencing major downpours, but the interior of BC is definitely seeing the white stuff.

I can't say the weather has brought on any sort of Christmas spirit - I regret to disappoint anyone, but I'm really not the most festive person when it comes to this holiday season (I know... bah humbug). I love the time with family and friends - all the eating and drinking...and eating some more. But it is such an exhausting time. Already I am overwhelmed with lists of things to do before December 25th.

But here we are, suddenly it is November. And time is certainly not slowing down for anyone. Last week we got the shocking news that Hubby lost his job (it looks like his boss is selling the business). This was difficult information to process, but now that we've had the week to mull it over - I feel surprisingly calm and hopeful for his future; our future. Sometimes we need to be pushed out of old comfort zones in order to move ahead in life.

And on the subject of being pushed forward...tomorrow brings another birthday for yours truly. *Sigh*...where does the time go? Last year was the big 30, and I was so traumatized about falling into the next decade that I didn't really pay attention to any aging that was affecting my body or mind. But I have to say, I do feel the age this year. I'm pulling out a lot more grey hairs and I notice that I shop for eye cream that contains anti-aging remedies. Also, I don't seem to keep the brownies or chocolate off my hips the way I used to and I noticed a frightening sag in the skin just below my chin (am I getting jowls??). Yikes! Did you know that every 7 years our bodies regenerate all new tissues so that we are completely different persons? How bizarre!

But I shouldn't dwell on the negative changes. I do notice that my thought process has definitely matured, and I have become MUCH more patient than I ever used to be. I still feel like I'm trying to figure myself out, but I am trying to be more open when I'm faced with the ups and downs of life. What I learned in Europe was that I really want to experience each moment for what it is and not be so obsessed about what is going to happen next. That is a tricky one for me since I am probably the biggest worry wart out there. But, there it is and that's all I have to say on turning 31. Except that some new art supplies will be the most excellent b-day gift ever and I plan to hit the store this weekend. Yay!


Ken Dyck said...

Happy birthday, Sis. There's a little gift in the mail, if it hasn't already arrived.

That's too bad about Madass's job. I know he enjoyed it.

Kempton said...

Happy Birthday Sally. Here is my virtual gifts to you, Mighty Sally.

Andy Kaufman's Mighty Mouse performance (skip the last few seconds)

To be truly young at heart, here is another Mighty Mouse clip. (big smile)

flossy-p said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray for you!!!

Sorry to hear about Hubby's job, hopefully though, this will mean a chance to move onward and upward.

cruststation said...

Happy belated birthday to you! Hope you had a great time, sorry I didn't read your entry earlier (we really should start a magazine for 30 somethings (^=^))

Sorry about your hubby, hope the future brings a lot of exciting things for him and the both of you. I won't give away you secret plans over here :) Let me know if you want anything from the UK ie. Magazines

julie said...

Another belated happy birthday wish - hope you had a great day. Sorry to hear about yer man's job - hope it's the start of a great opportunity for you both. Beautiful snow pictures - we don't get much white stuff over here so it always looks so romantic and tranquil - I'm sure if we had to live with it it would very quickly loose that appeal! Keep warm!

Love Squalor said...

so many things to comment on in this post - wish i had read it before commenting on the last one (oops). First: Happy Happy Birthday - i hope it was wonderful fun! getting older? nahhh - just gaining wisdom, right! Second: beautiful beautiful photos - oh how i miss winter storms like that! Third: bah humbug? hmmm, i can easily see how this time of year could bring more stress than joy, but if i had magical christmas powers i would send you the cozy glow of a winter-time fire, the twinkling and tinkling of jingle bells outside your window, the taste of something sweet, the smell of something spicy, and a day with nothing but time to relax and enjoy. Fourth: yes, change can be so good despite the uncertainty it often brings - it sounds like you are in a good place though! best wishes on the job front.

pheww. sounds like you have so much going on! i'm sending happy thoughts your way.