Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Embroidery for Swap

I'm so frustrated with my camera...I can never get decent pictures when they have a lot of white. Alas, here is an embroidery that I sent off last weekend for this swap . I've never participated in any sort of online anything before, so this is all new territory. I started to click on the links of other people who have sent something away and I was so totally impressed by every blog...gulp. I hope they like my little patch. The photo also looks crooked, but actually it is completely square - I just don't have the time to doctor it up in photoshop.

We're having a bit of a rough week here in Sallyland, but I still want to finish an illo for's coming along, just not as well as I had hoped. Anyways, I'll try to post it tomorrow night.

One quick note: I just wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments on my travel posts. I had forgot to mention that I survived the flights pretty well - much better than expected. We all had our own personal tvs which was a huge help, especially on the way home when dealing with overwhelming impatience to get to my own bed. But thank-you for your concerned emails and comments! You guys are the best :)


cruststation said...

This embroidery is beautiful, hope to see more in the future. Looking forward to seeing what the swap has in store for you, they are so much fun! Have a good day.

Kempton said...

Neat embroidery. I think colour threads on white cloth is very difficult to shoot well. (Something with the digital camera's CCD. May be try the white-balance function if your camera has it.) One time I had a photo with a big man in a white shirt, he came out with a red line around his white shirt!

Hope Sallyland gets smoother soon.

faun said...

The embroidery piece is so lovely in person- extremely.