Sunday, October 08, 2006

Half in the Sun

And, introducing...Harry's first publication! His story "The End of Swinburne" is part of this anthology and can be found on page 83! I'm beaming with pride for Mr. Hubby.

I'm terrible at giving reviews about books and considering we just got the books last thursday, I have barely started reading it. So, here are some intelligent reviews that have been included on the back cover.

Here is the publishers write up: I'm not sure about the details of where this will be selling so if by chance this book appeals to you and you'd like to purchase a copy, please email me - I'm sure we can hook you up. When we get back from Europe, Harry will be doing a reading or two and I must admit he has quite a talent here. He has such conviction when he tells stories. He can get an entire audience on the edge of their seats - it is quite the treat!
Harry and I both grew up in Mennonite families and I'm sure many of you are wondering what the heck that means. I don't have a lot of time to go into it right now, but you can read more about here if you are interested. Ok, slight clarification here...I have pure Mennonite bloodlines where Harry actually has Doukabour blood in him, (I sort of just lumped it in with the Mennonite background which was wrong of me, I have now been set straight) - see Harry's comment for more info...

Ok, off we go to turkey dinner - did I mention it is Thanksgiving weekend for us Canadians? Well, gobble gobble.


Kay Darby said...

Congratulations to Mr. Hubby! Keep the writing coming!

Have a great trip you two! Take lots of pictures and soak in the experience. Talk to you when you get back. :)

Hubby said...

As a matter of clarification, while I grew up in the Mennonite church, my bloodline is actually from the Ukraine, a particular sect called Doukhobor. Their origins are quite similar to Mennonite, but their journeys to america differed somewhat, and there is a palpable shift in theology as well. These particular similarites are what allowed me to sneak into the anthology, which is not, by the way, religious paraphenalia.
Here's a link to some of my heritage:

cruststation said...

Hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend. The culture thing is fascinating, I'll have to spend some time reading about it. In the meantime enjoy your holiday!

Theresa said...

What the crap?! Lest ye forget thine Dutchness as well, Harris.
Wait- this is Dilly's blog. Sorry, Dillis.
Hope you didn't hurl too, too much on the flight. I was thinking of you and the sweet happy pills today. Good times.