Saturday, October 07, 2006

Decaying Piano

2 more sleeps and we will be flying over the Atlantic Ocean - eeeeee. Here we go! I had my final day at work yesterday and let me tell you, it dragged on for-ever!

I don't really know what to blog about today because my mind is filled with a checklist of all we have to get done and I'm a big ball of nerves right now! Except, I did come across these photos I made when I was in art school many moons ago and thought I would share them. I was never much of a photographer - there were other students who just had the knack for finding amazing images and the magic voodoo with chemicals to make their prints even more beautiful. Every time I tried to develop my film, it would go grainy or I'd screw up getting it in the canister and lose half the roll of film. Photography was not my thing.

I lived on the East side of Vancouver for my first year at ECIAD - my neighbourhood was always filled with treasures. This dilapidated piano was in someone's front yard but unless you were walking by the house and happened to look beyond the overgrown garden, you'd never notice it. I wondered how it got there and how old it was - there are so many different stories in my head about the people who live here and their history. I really don't want to know the truth about them because I'm sure I'd be disappointed.
Oh, before I go - some other very exciting news - my very talented hubby has got his first story published!! I am so proud of him. Before we leave for our vacation I will blog about it and gush until he turns red in the cheeks.


cruststation said...

Ooh hope you will have a great time getting ready for holiday and congrats to your hubby for getting his story published, would love to hear more. I love that photo, it's fascinating and I agree with you that the story behind it should be interpreted by its viewer.

kempton said...

Congrats to your hubby. Do blog and gush. Red looks good on his cheeks especially as a result from a really proud and happy wife.

As for the piano. It brings back the movie Piano to my memory. Too sad for me to look at. Mind you, for me, I am too much of a documentarian that I would love to find out the story behind the piano. My hunch is that it may be more interesting than it looks on the surface. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.

Have a great holiday.

sapphyre said...

I LOVE that photo! I instantly thought of the movie The Piano too.

I'd love to know the story behind that. A decaying piano in some back yard must have some interesting story behind it...

jasonpellegrini said...

Hey Sandra,

I couldn't find a contact for you anywhere on the web so I guess I'll address the matter here...

I am an artist from Long Island, New York. I am in love with your decaying piano picture. I was hoping I could use it as my online album cover. There's no profit in selling my songs but you will be fully creditted of course.

If you have any questions please contact me @ I hope this isn't a problem for you cause the picture is absolutly brilliant and fits my type of music perfectly.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Jason Pellegrini