Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Crafty Week

Phew! It has been a busy August. I can hardly believe that all the kiddies will be back at school next week - this summer seems to have barely begun and already I'm having to think about the fall. Funny how time just creeps up on me now - I remember being a kid and the summer months seemed to last an eternity. Days upon days of endless adventures; riding bicycles through the subdivision and camping in the backyard. Ah yes...where have those days gone? The time passing quicker and quicker is a sure sign that I'm getting older - my Dad has warned me that this only increases as we get older.

These days I'm lucky to get a couple hours of drawing or crafting in after I come home from work...make dinner, clean up, chores, piles and piles of boring crap. Some days I feel like time is just falling in on me. I feel incredibly protective of the tiny space of each day where I can do exactly what I want to do. Time is so precious to me and lately it has been forcing me to re-evaluate our current situation as members of the rat race.

And on that note, I must mention that I will have no illustration to share for IF this week. Alas, I have run out of time to do everything. This week is all about crafting because I really need to focus on getting some of these gifts done for all the babies that keep popping up everywhere. And I do love to make bitty baby things - it brings me so much joy to give people a little bit of handmade goodness and I hope I can always shield enough time in my life to do that.

Last week I made these bitty booties from a pattern on Heather Bailey's blog and I have 2 more pairs on the go. They are a hoot to make and I think I have become an addict.

Other works in progress include a cushion cover, a softie, and a little sweater I am knitting up for my nephew. He turns 2 in September. Again, I am overcome with how quickly time flies.

Ok, off to bed now. There is a nice heavy rainfall to put me to sleep (I think I hear thunder!), I'm looking forward to these cooler nights - but not the shorter days. I hear mr. hubby complaining again... G'night all :)


Amy Zaleski said...

Oh these are too adorable! No wonder you enjoy making them so much. Thanks for your comment on my t-shirt design. I usually try to do something new each week for Illustration Friday, but it's just been too crazy a month. As a result I've posted a few older things. I haven't missed an IF all year long, so if a new illustration isn't in the cards, I try to find older things that at least fit the topic somewhat. I don't understand those who NEVER post a new piece of art, posting old stuff every single week. And there are plenty of folks who do that....so I know what you mean about "cheating." Well,enough of my rant...thanks again and I look forward to seeing more art from you!

Sandra said...

Amy, thanks for stopping by :) I hope you didn't take my comment about "cheating" as a dis to you...I was mainly talking about the same people you are, who never post new art. I'm totally impressed that you post an illo every week and I'm glad to have found your blog through IF. You are doing a lot of cool stuff!

cruststation said...

I understand what you mean about time seeming to pass quicker and quicker...humm, why is that? I guess we may just have too much on our to-do list or is it a matter of being organised? Anyway, I'm glad you still manage to find time to be creative, these little booties are adorable!

Liliy Bamboo said...

Found you thru Flickr bitty bootie. I love you blog. Your Illustrations are great.