Friday, August 22, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

Ok, just in case there is anyone out there who may stumble upon this blog...the Mighty Sally still exists! Lots going on and not even an extra moment to sit down and tell you about it until now. Here is the quick update since my last post:

  • Simone turned one year old. Yay! I must say, I am relieved to get past the "baby" stage of parenting. This was probably the toughest year of my life and the fact that we survived, completely in tact, was definitely worth celebrating! Now, onto the next challenge...the toddler years.
  • After re-entering the workforce and settling into a routine, everything started to fall into place. I learned to speak adult language again, and found a few moments to myself in the form of lunch break.
  • After going back to work, I promptly found another job here and quit my old job here. Start up company, exciting projects, better salary, better could I refuse?? Well, the timing was a bit awkward, but hey, we can't always pick and choose when opportunity will make an appearance!
  • Simone started walking a few days after her b-day!! Huge milestone and we are so proud.
With all this change going on, I am one big ball of tension! Starting back into the workforce was a challenge in itself, but of course I had to complicate it by finding a new job. Stress is at a level 10 right now and it is attacking me in the form of hives, fatigue and moodiness. Geez. You cannot imagine how many times this week I've asked myself: What are you doing???

I hope I will have a chance to update you again soon . In the meantime, check out my art portfolio which I slapped together for the job interview. It would have been nice to create a nice fancy portfolio website from scratch, but really, who has the time?? Certainly not this mommy!


Harry Tournemille said...

Larger than life, Sally. That's what you are.

Theresa said...

Back to life.... back to reality... (my 80's music quote of the day).

Yay for Dilly!
You rock, my dear SIL!

flossy-p said...

Hey :D Congratulations on your new job! Congratulations to Simone on her first steps!
And Happy 1st Birthday to Simone!!!!!