Sunday, July 01, 2007

Counting days

Ok folks...I'm in the homestretch now. And honestly, I am amazed that I have the energy to sit here and make a blog entry. Lately it seems to take everything in me just to shift positions on the couch - not to mention get up and walk to the bathroom. The computer is a major stretch for me right now! My belly is something to behold - I am in awe at the size it has become and somewhat freaked out to think how this watermelon is going to get out. I read in one of my preggo books that a woman isn't fully pregnant until her belly has corners - ie. the baby's elbows, feet, fists, poking out. I never understood that until the last couple weeks when the alien movements became visible from the outside. We are thinking there may be an alien in there! Yikes!

I'm so relieved that work is done and I'm officially on mat leave - I have been off one week so far and it has been exactly what I needed. Napping, resting, eating and watching movies have been the main events of my daily routine now. Already I miss all my co-workers and the social part of my job. But I don't miss hiding my dozing eyes or fighting to comprehend my colleague's explanations. My brain has completely gone in the last month or so...I really do hope it returns eventually.

Another good part of taking an early mat leave is that I have been able to catch up on some crafty projects and work on some illustrations. There were 3 other moms to be in my department at work and we're all due around the same time. Talk about bonding time with the girls! We all had a great time sharing experiences and comparing our bellies. I am the first of us in line, so I guess that means I'll pave the way - unless of course the baby is stubborn and doesn't want to come out on time! I spent some time last week making more bitty booties and doing some quick knitting for each of them. I didn't do nearly as much as I had intended - simply because I am the worst procrastinator and my energy level is in the pits. But here is what I accomplished:
Assuming I won't go into labour next week, here is a rough list of my upcoming activities: pack bag for the hospital, finish ATC for Flossy-p, finish embroidery for Babelfish, wash all baby clothes and re-organize nursery, nap, rest, watch movies, buy nursing bras and a large maternity knit dress/tent to wear around the house (it's supposed to get up to 27 degrees by Thursday - Lord help me!)...maybe I should add a trip to the YMCA pool...

Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments and emails! It's been so fun for me to share my pregnancy experience here. Thank you for all the support!


cruststation said...

Aww...there's so much excitement over here.
Enjoy your maternity leave, love your mini cardigans and booties, you have been busy! When is the baby due again? I love the quote about the belly having corners :) Take care!! sending warm wishes your way!!

Kempton said...

Warm and best wishes from Calgary.

flossy-p said...

eeeeeeee, look at all those cute booties! They're gorgeous! I can't wait!!!! (for the baby that is, I can wait for the ATC, so don't kill yourself trying to get it done in time, you have much more important things to prepare for).

Good Luck!!!!!! :D

julie said...

Ahh, the homestretch - I remember it well, indigestion after eating a single pea, inability to get comfortable, swollen is such a wonderful time though, feeling your little one squirm and kick and generally make their presence known. Enjoy the rest and gather your strength, and keep cool on thursday - cool footbaths worked well for me. All the best xxx