Monday, December 04, 2006

The Christmas Countdown

Is anyone else looking around and wondering how the holiday season just sort of snuck up on us? Geez...Already December and I can hardly believe another year is coming to a close. Yesterday Hubby convinced me we needed to get into the Christmas spirit, so we busted out the decorations and lights, popped in The Sound of Music DVD and away we went. Nothing like a little Julie Andrews doe ray me to get us into a festive mood. I'm really looking forward to the break - it has been a hectic fall. Although work has been pretty slow, everything else in our lives is bustling. This would explain the lack of posts on this here blog, but I do plan to get right back on the blog horse as soon as the New year rolls around.

So, until then, please bear with my sparatic check-ins and some rushed photos of mini projects that are going on around here. The 2 stuffy ornaments below are not quite finished - I still need to find some little bells to sew to the end of the sleeping toques. But aren't they cute?

Ok, my elementary sewing skills are not exactly working for me here, but the design is the best. I found a photo (can't remember where) of Hilary Lang's ornaments she had published in a magazine. Now, I have no idea where to find this magazine - perhaps someone out there knows of this magazine and where it is sold? But the photo was so amazing, I was inspired to try to make some myself. Yes, quite risky of me to attempt a sewing project without instructions...eeek!

Well folks, that's all for now. I'm so tired these days, it is defenitely the time of year for cocooning! Ug....bring on the holiday season!

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cruststation said...

Hope you are well, you're right time passes so quickly end of year approaching already and I am so unprepared for Christmas. I love your little ornaments, did you use a sewing machine? I bought myself a little one some time ago but haven't even touched it! (good intentions...)